3 Things That Ruin Your eBay Seller Account

There are quite a few things that may (and sometimes will) go wrong in your eBay dropshipping business. Being prepared on how to react and handle them is crucial for your seller performance and account health. Today we will cover 3 of the most important things you have to keep an eye on, literally every day!

Listing items you are not allowed to sell

The Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program of eBay allows the owners of intellectual property rights and their authorized representatives to report listings that may infringe on those rights.

It means that you are not allowed to sell certain brands that are under the protection of VeRO, unless you are authorized to do so. If you do anyway – your listing will most probably be removed by eBay in just a matter of time. Also make sure that the item you want to sell complies with the specific rules and conditions of eBay on how you should list it.

Check the article for prohibited and restricted items and follow their guidelines to avoid trouble.

Do not resolve cases and returns

Listing items and shipping them when sold is not enough to keep your seller account running smooth. Even if you have done a great job there will always be customers that are not happy with the item or have some kind of issue with an order.

Handling these situations is vital not only for your reputation but your account health too!

Any case or return the seller is unable to resolve with the buyer, where eBay determines the seller is responsible, is considered as a case closed without seller resolution. And again, if you want to keep your top rated status – you can not have more than 0.30% of transactions with cases closed without seller resolution.

All this information can be checked on your seller dashboard and we recommend you do it daily!

Late shipment and trackings not uploaded on time

A common mistake of dropshippers is they do not count their handling time or simply forget to upload the tracking numbers when they have to so. This can cause you a bunch of trouble, including unhappy customers, negative feedbacks and loss of top rated status… often in that order!

To keep a Top Rated status you have to maintain a late shipment rate of less than 3% and trackings uploaded on time and validated – 95% or more(according to eBay’s new policy, effective Jun 20, 2017). So make sure you ship soon after you make a sale.

Speaking of tracking numbers, I will not fail to share with you a tool that both saves you time and helps you with your seller performance.

Trackerbot is an eBay certified tool that automatically grabs and uploads all tracking numbers to your eBay orders. It works 24/7 and supports a wide range of suppliers, such as Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Home Depot, Overstock and many more.

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