Useful Information about Amazon’s Auto-Correcting Addresses

In this informational article, we are going to talk about Amazon Auto-Correcting addresses and how this may lead to why some tracking numbers are not getting matched and uploaded on eBay.

Recently, we noticed that Amazon’s Auto-Correct for Addresses is responsible for non-matched and uploaded trackings. This causes the original address to be replaced with a similar one or almost the same with a small typo or difference. As you can see on the screenshot below, in such cases even if it’s a small mistake, Trackerbot won’t be able to pick up the right address, therefore match and upload it to eBay.

We strongly recommend you to use the original address and not use the “Suggested Address” by Amazon. This will not lead to any non-delivered products and won’t cause any damage to your store.

At this point you are not able to disable this recommendation by Amazon, and the easiest way remains to just keep using the “Original Address”.