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Connect Your Amazon Account

Connecting your first Amazon Account

Before you can use Trackerbot you need to activate your free trial. To do so you need to click on the Activate Free Trial button on the top right of your Dashboard.

Afterwards, you will have the option to connect your first Amazon account:

  1. Click on Activate Free Trial
  2. Click on Connect Amazon
  3. Select your Amazon Region
  4. Follow the instruction on the page


Complete the rest of the activation. In case you need help, check our Help Center or contact our support team for assistance.

Connecting multiple accounts

Once you’ve activated your free trial, you can connect more Amazon Accounts. Simply select the following options from the left-hand side menu Profile > Accounts and then click on the Add Amazon Seller Account button in the Amazon section of the page.

If you are also an eBay Seller check this Help Center article to learn how to connect your eBay account.


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