Fast And Accurate eBay Profit Calculator

Check your net profit in a few clicks for any item you are selling or you are about to sell! 

The profit calculator is in excel so you can edit every field, if needed. Here is a brief explanation:

Ebay fee (%) – Your final value fee in percentage is 10% by default and 9% if you have a store subscription (it varies on some Ebay categories). If you are located outside of the US an additional 20% VAT may apply.

Paypal fee (%) – A fixed percentage that PayPal charges you for every transaction received. It may vary for different countries and sales volume.

Paypal fee ($/£) – A fixed price tax that PayPal charges you for every transaction received. It may vary for different countries.

Merchant price – Price of the product in your supplier’s store.

eBay price – Your price for the same product on eBay

Shipping – The shipping charge at your supplier. If shipping is free, input 0.

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