How to Avoid and Get Your Account Back from eBay’s MC011 Restriction

What is a MC011 restriction on eBay? 

MC011 is when eBay sends an email, informing you are not allowed to sell any more items, list any items, and a lot of times your existing listings will be taken down as well. A lot of times, they won’t tell you the reason, but generally they will give you some guidelines on how to move forward. In this article, we are going to cover how to prevent yourself from getting a MC011 restriction, and how to get your account back if it does happen. 

How to avoid getting MC011 Restriction

MC011 is one of the toughest restrictions on eBay. There are different cases where you need to make sure everything is considered.

  • Avoid listing VERO (Verified Rights Owner Program) items. There are some brands that are very protective of their brand. Usually when selling on eBay, you are allowed to use the stock images and the product description. Just have in mind that some brands won’t allow you to use any of their copyrighted images and description.
  • Many cases from buyers that you have not treated properly. You need to be as responsive as possible even if something unexpected happens with the order. Try to solve the case first with the buyer.
  • Avoid cancelling orders. This might be one of the reasons that your account gets restricted by MC011.
  • Low percent of tracking numbers not uploaded on time. Make sure that you are uploading the tracking numbers for all of your orders within the handling time. 
  • Bad customer service and not communicating with your buyers whenever something happens with their order.
  • Avoid stating that you ship your items from the U.S. while you are actually using suppliers from China.
  • Too many cases closed without your resolution. Try to settle your cases as soon as possible. The last thing you want is the case to be closed without seller resolution.


Also, we suggest that you grow your dropshipping business slowly. Let’s say that you are a new to dropshipping and in the first month you’ve had over $10,000 in sales. In eBay’s eyes this does not look good, because not only there is a bigger chance of you making more mistakes, but at the same time you’ve just appeared on eBay without any sales record history and that might cause them to review your account or simply flag it and perhaps take actions against your account in the future.

How long is the MC011 restriction of my account?

MC011 is a permanent until eBay gives you a response after you’ve finished the whole process.

How long does it take to open my account from MC011 restriction?

It could take up to 2-3 months in order to get back your account. You can of course check with them if there is any new information regarding your case.

By following the steps from this article, you will definitely reduce the waiting time for eBay’s final decision.

Can I just open another eBay store?

No, you can’t as this is against eBay’s terms and conditions. The only way to open a new store is to create a stealth account.

How can I remove the MC011 restriction?

Here’s how you can get your restrictions off and get back to selling on eBay.

Don’t try to contact eBay’s general customer support, as they are not going to assist you with any useful information regarding MC011 restriction.

This is how a MC011 email looks like:

What kinds of documents I should send?

  • Proof of delivery for all the items sold on your eBay account. This may be in the form of feedback left from buyers. If you prefer, you can submit tracking numbers for each of the items posted.
    In order to do that go to your PayPal account. Download your last year’s transactions report (as a CSV file). Load this into your favorite spreadsheet. A few sorts later and you will have all your eBay sales, dates, customer, and the item numbers right there. From there find your tracking details.
  • Proof of identity – Send a driving license or ID. Make sure that you take 2 photos of each side, so it’s easy to read.
  • Financial proof – You can use any invoice that has your name and address on it and it’s been issued recently.
In conclusion, the first 3 months of a new account are the most important. Make sure that you are doing everything correctly and don’t mess up in those times. Be as careful as possible.

We believe that even though MC011 is a serious restriction, you can avoid it easily by being vigilant about your account and metrics.

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