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How to connect your eBay store (non-API method)

Before you can use Trackerbot, you need to activate your free trial. To do so, you need to click on the Activate Free Trial button in the top right of the Dashboard.

Afterward, you will have the option to connect your first eBay account:

  1. Enter your eBay username
  2. Get Chrome Extension and Add to Chrome
  3. Login to eBay 


Complete the rest of the activation. In case you need help, check our Help Center or contact our support team for assistance.

Once activated, it will take a couple of hours for Trackerbot to extract your orders. Just make sure that the browser with the extension is open. Learn what to do after the trial is activated.

Connecting multiple accounts

If you have several eBay accounts, log in each in a separate Chrome Copy. Here is how you can open different copies of chrome.

  1. Simply you need to click on the User Icon in the upper right of your chrome browser
  2. In the section Other People click on +Add
  3. Select a name and an icon to represent this copy and click Add.



This will open a completely separate instance of Chrome.

You will need to log in to your second eBay account using the link below:



Make sure you log in to eBay.com, regardless of whether you operate on ebay.co.uk, ebay.de, etc. You will get redirected to the correct domain afterward. Allow access to eBay File Exchanger if you get prompted.

Install the Trackerbot V2 Extension on this Chrome Copy as well. Open the Chrome Extension and log in with your Trackerbot credentials.

You have to make sure you are always logged into eBay on each Chrome Copy.

Repeat these steps for all of your eBay Accounts.


Make sure your store name is correctly spelled. The system is upper and lower case-sensitive and the store name should be spelled exactly as seen on eBay. 


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