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How to set up Amazon Checker

Are you using Amazon as a supplier?

First, let’s determine who needs Amazon Checker.

If you are not selling Amazon items, then you don’t need Amazon Checker. During your free trial activation, you might be asked to install it. Instead, simply click on the option “No, I don’t sell Amazon products” to skip this step.


In case you are using Amazon as one of your suppliers, then you need to enable Amazon Checker.

What is Amazon Checker?

Amazon Checker is our response to Amazon no longer showing tracking numbers in the public tracking page. For Trackerbot to extract your Amazon Tracking numbers and convert them to BlueCare Express you need to set up Amazon Checker.

Amazon Checker is part of our Trackerbot V2 Chrome Extension. To enable Amazon Checker you need to install the Chrome Extension on the browser where you have your Amazon Buyer account open.

If you have several Amazon buyer accounts, log in each in a separate Chrome Copy. Check the last section of this article to learn How to set up Amazon Checker for several Amazon Accounts.

Always keep the browser with our Chrome Extension open so that it can sync with your Amazon account.

How to set up Amazon Checker

To install the Chrome extension visit the Chrome Store.

Make sure you are logged in to your Amazon Buyer Account in the browser where you are installing the extension.

Here is how you can set up Amazon Checker:

  1. Add to Chrome

Click on the “Add to Chrome” button in the chrome store to install the Trackerbot V2 extension

  1. Enable Amazon Checker

Once you have installed the extension open it and enable Amazon Checker.

  1. Select Amazon marketplace 

You will have the option to select the marketplace where you have set up your Amazon account.

Once you’ve completed these three steps, the extension will automatically detect your Amazon account and show you if it is active or you need to log in.


How to set it up for multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts

As we’ve said earlier, if you have several Amazon Buyer accounts, you need to create a Chrome user account for each one of them and install separate instances of the extension on them. Here is how you can create different user accounts on Chrome.

  1. You need to click on the User Icon in the upper right of your Chrome browser
  2. In the section Other People click on +Add
  3. Select a name and an icon to represent this copy and click Add.



This will create a completely separate instance of Chrome. You will need to log in to your second Amazon buyer account and install the Trackerbot V2 Extension on this new Chrome user account as well. Open the Chrome Extension, log in with your Trackerbot credentials and enable Amazon Checker like you did for your first Amazon Buyer account.

Repeat these steps for all of your Amazon Buyer Accounts.



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