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How to set up BlueCare Express tracking conversion

What is BlueCare Express?

BlueCare Express is a carrier that allows you to convert Amazon and other carriers tracking numbers. This helps you do two things:

  • get proof of delivery when you receive AMZL tracking numbers
  • hide the location from which the item is shipped with any carrier

During the Trackerbot free trial, you get 10 free BCE trackings to test it out.

Our Business Plan offers you 200 free BlueCare Express Conversions plus the opportunity to buy bonus ones at the lowest rate in the market – 0.04 cents.

BlueCare Express Settings

To manage how your tracking numbers are converted to BlueCare Express you need to go to Profile > eBay Settings.


Here is a brief guide on the conversion options:

  1. Replace Amazon carriers TN with Bluecare Express 

Activates the conversion of Amazon trackings (also known as AMZL or TBA) to Bluecare Express. Only Amazon carrier trackings will be converted.

  1. Replace ALL TN coming from Amazon with Bluecare Express

Activates conversion of ALL trackings coming from Amazon orders to Bluecare Express (including UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.)

  1. Convert any UPS, USPS, FedEx, TN to Bluecare Express

Activates conversion of any UPS, USPS, FedEx tracking numbers regardless of the supplier to Bluecare Express 

The following setting can help you control which tracking numbers you upload to eBay:

Upload Amazon carriers tracking numbers

When you haven’t enabled BlueCare Express conversion (with either option 1 or option 2), the Trackerbot Chrome extension is going to upload your Amazon tracking number by default. To prevent this you can turn it off with this option. 

When BlueCare conversion is enabled, this feature will be automatically disabled and AMZL trackings will not be uploaded.



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