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How to set up PasteMe

What is PasteMe?

PasteMe is a Chrome Extension that lets you copy and paste addresses from eBay to any supplier with just a click. You can fulfill your orders in a minute.

Here is PasteMe can help you speed up order fulfillment:

  • Copy/paste one or more addresses at a time.
  • Copy/paste from one computer to another
  • Insert “Ordered” note in eBay
  • Add Amazon items to cart in one click

How to Setup PasteMe

We have developed PasteMe for Trackerbot customers only. You have the option to try it for free for 14 days.

Add PasteMe from the Chrome Store, log in with your trackerbot credentials and you are ready for fulfillment rush.

After the free trial expires, it is just $7.99/month!

If you cannot see the PasteMe button on eBay, please try using these URLs:

Awaiting shipment

All Orders



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