Problem with BCE Delivery Status? Here’s the solution for it

Do you have a problem with delivery status for some trackings? On some occasions when the items have been delivered, Amazon doesn’t display that right and it might confuse the buyers which will cause sellers to have to deal with more opened cases and returns. 

Here’s how to solve that..

First, you have to save the “Update BCE Status” button to your bookmarks, by dragging it to the bookmarks bar.

In case you can’t see the bookmarks bar, you can enable it from here.

Then, you need to be logged in the right Amazon account and have opened the tracking page for the order that you want to update.

This is how the tracking page looks like.

An easy way to open the tracking page is from your Trackerbot dashboard. Just click on the link under “Status” and it will lead you to the right page.

That’s it. Now just click on the bookmark and the tracking’s status should be updated.