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UPDATE: Temporary alternative to BCE/Aquiline tracking for Ebay sellers (JULY 2024)

In June of this year, Ebay  unexpectedly announced that Bluecare Express (BCE) and Aquiline (third-party service providers) will no longer be supported as integrated logistics carriers. Luckily, we have developed a solution for Trackerbot customers to provide important tracking updates to their buyers, while together with our third party partners are working on a new long-term solution.

Introducing the “Trackings Monitor” by Trackerbot

Trackings Monitor serves as an external public monitoring page for Amazon tracking numbers, where eBay buyers can track the status of their orders showing real-time shipping updates.

As soon as the order is shipped, Trackerbot will send a message* to the buyer with a link to the tracking page, where they can monitor the shipping status.

*Auto messages are only available on “fully auto” API mode only.

How does it help?

Although eBay accepts most Amazon tracking numbers, they can’t always be tracked within the Ebay platform itself, which is a concern for both the end buyer, and eBay.

Our solution allows end customers to track orders at all times, which significantly reduces the risk of complaints and ‘Item not received’ cases. The tracking page for each order includes an image of the product, the eBay seller account, the full delivery address and, most importantly, the shipping events of the Amazon tracking numbers, all sent automatically on every single order, with the fully auto API mode.










How do I use Trackings Monitor?

Trackings Monitor is already live and working for all incoming Amazon orders. Please see below for step-by step instructions on how to use it, and how to set it up correctly

On your to your dashboard, click the orange Amazon tracking numbers and you will be redirected to the tracking page




To activate automatic Amazon tracking numbers upload to eBay on Trackerbot API accounts, go to your eBay settings page and apply the following settings









To activate automatic messages including the Trackings Monitor link, go to the “Auto messaging” page and activate the “Item shipped with public tracking link” option











Lastly, please make sure that you have the {publicLink} code included in your message.









Will BCE and Aquiline conversions still be supported by Trackerbot?

Yes – we support automated tracking number conversions using BCE and Aquiline for users who still wish to use their services.

Please stay tuned with Trackerbot as we collaborate closely with our partners to develop a long-term solution for validating Amazon tracking on eBay. If you need further assistance, please reach out to our live chat support through the Trackerbot web app!

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