Trackerbot For Amazon Sellers Is Here!

We know you were waiting for a long time, so we are proud to announce that Trackerbot for Amazon sellers is officially launched!

Day-to day uploading of your tracking numbers to Amazon is no longer a manual job as Trackerbot will do it for you automatically, 24/7, so that you never miss the deadline. For all of you that are already using Trackerbot – this comes at no additional charge! You can add your Amazon seller account in “SETTINGS” tab and automatically share your total limit of tracking numbers per month. Choose between your seller accounts from the drop down menu in the upper right corner:


If you don’t have a Trackerbot account yet, feel free to give it a try with our 14 day free trial. In the sign up process you can add your eBay or Amazon seller account, or both. Let us know how we did on support@trackerbot.me! Good luck!

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