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What to do after you activate your free trial

After you Activate Your Free Trial you will notice the dashboard is empty. No worries, soon you will be seeing all your orders and tracking numbers. It will take a couple of hours for Trackerbot to sync with your accounts and extract your details.

 We will parse your Gmail inbox for tracking numbers dating approximately 7 days back.

If you want to add more eBay stores, you can do it from Profile > Accounts. This help center article explains exactly how you can connect multiple eBay accounts.

The Settings you selected during the activation will determine how we upload and convert your tracking numbers to BlueCare Express. You can change your Settings by going to Profile > eBay Settings. Here is a quick guide on the different options.

In addition to automatic conversions (in eBay Settings) you also have the option to convert tracking numbers to BlueCare Express manually directly from the dashboard. If you attempt a manual conversion, make sure you do this before the item gets delivered, as otherwise, you will not be able to convert the tracking number after delivery. 



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